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About me


Hi! there I am a Digital Product Designer with a background in Industrial Design and Design Management. My design education started with an undergraduate in Product Design from Pearl Academy, New Delhi, followed by Design Management from George Brown College and Digital Product Design from Sheridan College.

Design Process

Being an Industrial Designer by training, I am relatively familiar with the Design Thinking approach. I believe every product should be designed by keeping the user in the front, left and right, to design a purposeful product. How I approach the project totally depends on the demands of the project. I usually approach projects by quickly scanning existing products and exploring unresolved issues. Each step builds on the minimum data required to address the problem. As the problem diverges, so does the research followed by the design.

My process is quick and optimizes time and resources for the project. I advocate that research and user testing are integral to the design process and should be prioritized for creating an impactful product.



My interest in design was inspired when I used to attend international fairs for handicrafts and gifts with my father when I was a child. I found product design fascinating and could not get enough of how design impacts the way products look and behave. Before starting with Digital Product Design, I worked with materials like wood, MDF, Glass, Resin, Bamboo and many others. My transition to Digital Products is influenced by the flexibility of skills in technology and the ability to make quick, informed decisions through rapid testing and feedback. I love how technology changes quickly with new exciting challenges to address.

Image courtesy: Ambiente Messe, Frankfurt

Product Design 

During my career, I have worked on several exciting projects. I have dabbled in healthcare design, commercial products, handicrafts, products for religion and sensitive consumers, freelance projects and many more.

Apart from design, I enjoy meeting people, nature, fashion and perfumes.

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