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My approach

I believe every product should be designed by keeping the user in the front, left and right, to design a purposeful product.

I usually approach projects by quickly scanning existing products and exploring unresolved issues. Each step builds on the available information. As the problem diverges, so does the research followed by the design.

My story

My foundations lie in my training as an Industrial Designer. I like to create things, solve problems and play with materials. I have worked with materials such as wood, bamboo, and metal to create products such as wall art, tableware and cutlery, among many others.

I switched to digital products during the pandemic due to the flexibility and fast-paced changes this industry brings.

My goal

If I summarize my learnings from my experience in the design industry in a sentence, then it would be: ‘Listen and do not assume.’ As humans, we’ve biases from our experiences, and to overcome those, we have to open our minds and empathize with those who have gone through those situations.

My goal with my career is to take small steps which result in huge changes. I believe in details and bringing life to the best in the world.

When I am not designing

When I am not on my computer I enjoy meeting people, nature, fashion and perfumes.

About me

My goal is to create purposeful products that are universal, accessible and create impact on the lives of people.

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